The key to increasing your productivity when Landscaping in Rossendale is to use the correct tools. If you try to tackle a pesky landscape with the incorrect equipment, more often than not, it will take you twice as long. That’s why our expert Landscape Gardeners in Rossendale have decided to share with you their top 10 tools for Landscaping and Groundwork in Rossendale. Without further ado, it’s time to buy your new toolbox.

The Tried and Trusted… Shovel

Your shovel is and should be the most important tool for any landscaping or groundwork project in Rossendale. We put safety first, so our recommendation is to always use a “shock-safe” shovel. They are without a shadow of a doubt, the safest and most reliable shovels on the market, designed with added strength and necessary safety features to keep you safe. What are you waiting for? Buy one! If you’re Landscaping in Rossendale like us, you can pick one up at Travis Perkins in Accrington. The team at Rossendale Premier Landscapes use our shovels for little jobs such as shifting waste.

Be Super Safe with Gloves

Landscaping in Rossendale

Keep your fingers safe! If you talk to an “old-school” landscaper in Rossendale, most of them outright refuse to wear gloves… Why not? Gloves keep your hands clean and germ free whilst providing added protection from sharp objects. They also prevent your hands from getting stuck in thick concrete when Landscaping in Rossendale. I suppose we can see where they are coming from to some extent, they argue that you can’t really feel the materials which you are using. Also, in Rossendale, we often have to Landscape in the rain, wet gloves can be dangerous because the materials become slippy and hard to pick up. We think it is important to find the correct balance between wearing gloves and not wearing them. The most important factor to consider is probably the weather. If like us, you think Garden Gloves are useful when Gardening in Rossendale, you can pick up a pair at almost any supermarket. Your fingers will be thanking you in the long run!

Don’t Forget the Old Faithful… Wheelbarrow

How could you possibly forget a good old wheelbarrow? It is a necessity for Landscaping or Groundwork in Rossendale. Whether the job is big or small, a wheelbarrow is guaranteed to be of help to you. You may be wondering, why? With a strong lightweight wheelbarrow, you can transport large amounts of materials across any site. Some sites are inaccessible for a digger, that is where a wheelbarrow comes in to the equation. Need to bring in materials such as cement, grit and sand? No problem, a wheelbarrow will be your best friend. It is impossible to overstate the extent to which a wheelbarrow can help you when Landscaping in Rossendale. We personally love the “Belle Wheelbarrow”, it is perfect for Groundwork in Rossendale!

The Proven Paving Maul / Mallet

As experienced Landscape Gardeners in Rossendale, we have used a paving mallet on almost every job which we have done! They are essential to any job, particularly when Paving in Rossendale – whether it is Indian Stone or Concrete Slabs, we are always using our mallets. Why do we find them so useful? Well, almost every Landscaper in Rossendale will have a mallet in their toolbox. They allow us to knock almost every type of paving down securely into their bed to ensure that your paving lasts for decades to come. Any reputable builders merchant or tool supplier will have mallets in their stockroom!

Loyal Level for Landscaping in Rossendale

You will have used a level at some point in your life, we hope you have at least. As Groundwork Specialists in Rossendale, we regularly use our levels to ensure that… well, everything is level. Most commonly used for Landscaping and Groundwork in Rossendale is Laser Levels as these allow us to find levels across larger surface areas. You will probably be more familiar with a spirit level – it goes without saying that any builder should have one of these in his toolbox. For us, we prefer “Stabila Levels” – they have never let us down! At RPL, if it isn’t level then it isn’t right.

A Weight Lifted with an Eazybarra

When Paving in Rossendale, in the past, Landscapers would have had to carry one slab at a time… Can you imagine how long that would take? Aside from that, I bet they suffered with back injuries! Thankfully the Eazybarra was invented, now transporting multiple slaps across Gardens in Rossendale is a lot less tedious. However, the Eazybarra can be quite a difficult tool to locate; you need to conduct your research to ensure that you’re purchasing one which is sturdy and robust. You can find them on Landscaping Websites and on eBay.

Dependable Diggers for Groundwork in Rossendale

If you have a large project which requires Landscaping or Groundwork in Rossendale, the chances are that you are going to require a Digger! If a groundwork or landscaping company does not have access to a digger, then we strongly suggest that you look elsewhere. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, they are there to dig up and remove earth from the site. We understand that buying a digger can be expensive. But, did you know you can rent Diggers in Rossendale?

Groundwork in Rossendale

The Labourer from Rossendale Premier Landscapes

The labourer is probably the most important factor when Landscaping in Rossendale. You will always require a labourer regardless of how big or small the project is, why? You could try to complete Groundwork in Rossendale yourself, but an experienced labourer is often required to get it right! When you use Rossendale Premier Landscapes for Landscaping and Groundwork in Rossendale, you can have complete peace of mind that our labourers are trained to the highest standards possible. With RPL, do it once, do it right!

If you require Groundwork or Landscaping in Rossendale, RPL would be happy to help you with your project. If you would like to request a quote from our expert Landscape Gardeners in Rossendale, you can do so here or phone 01706 482 001. It’s time to transform your garden!

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